How long does basketball game last ?

Many fans nowadays never ask how long does basketball game last as it has become almost 3 hour showtime with bunch of commercials & marketing, half-time show and with lot of time-out break out opportunities.

According to the NBA standard one game last 48 minutes but if you watch a game with thrilling ending it can last for 3 hours in total after lot of tactical decisions such as intentional fouls or time-outs that best coaches may implement.

How long does NBA game last ?

With all factors included such as time-outs, fouls, half-time break and marketing obligations, average NBA game could last for 3 hours.

Could NBA game end as a tie?

No. After regular 48 minutes there is overtime period with 5 minutes and it’s played more and more until the winner is decided.

Basketball facts

Basketball unbelievable facts you may never think of:

Average height in NBA

6 foot 6 (6’6) is average height in the NBA league. Interesting, it’s the lowest averague in the league’s history in the last 40 years.

Average height of NBA player – 6’6

Mugsy Bogues with 5’3 was the shortest basketball player in the NBA history.

Tights are not banned from NBA

NBA banned tights back in 2006. but almost a decade later more and more female or male players wear tights during basketball game. It’s not medically proven but a lot of them thinks it enhances their performances and that’s the main reason players are wearing tights.

There are a lot of different models such is Nike tights, padded compression pants or 3/4 basketball tights.

How long does basketball game last ? - Crosarka Basketball How long does basketball game last ? - Crosarka Basketball
How long does basketball game last ? - Crosarka Basketball